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Calmer Girls

Calmer Girls

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    Jennifer Kelland Perry

    Sixteen-year-old introvert Samantha Cross is falling in love for the first time, with a boy with beautiful brown eyes. There's only one problem: She's falling in love with her older sister's boyfriend, Ben Swift. Her sister, Veronica, is beautiful, outgoing, and confident. Samantha is used to her sister getting all of the attention and everything she wants, even if she doesn't like it. But now they're being torn apart by love for the same boy, their parents' separation and mother's declining emotional state, and their move away from Calmer Cove into city life. As her life crumbles apart around her, Samantha's feelings for Ben only grow stronger. Will Samantha let Veronica keep the only boy she's ever loved, or will she end up ruining her sister's happiness to take control of her own? One thing becomes clear: One of the Cross sisters is in for a broken heart.